Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies in USA

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Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies in USA

The United States, being a hub for innovation and technology, boasts a plethora of
top-tier blockchain development companies that are at the forefront of this
transformative wave.

Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies in USA
Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies in USA

We present to you the top 10 blockchain development companies in the USA, each contributing
significantly to the advancement of blockchain technology. As per the recent
report, the global blockchain app development ecosystem is projected to reach a
market share of $163.8 billion by 2029, with a compound annual growth rate of56.3%.

1. ConsenSys

ConsenSys, Founded by Joseph Lubin, one of the
co-founders of Ethereum, ConsenSys is a blockchain software company
headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. It has earned a sterling reputation in the
blockchain industry for its multifaceted contributions, spanning from Ethereum
development to decentralized application (dApp) creation, and blockchain
consultancy services.

Blockchain Solutions and Services:

  1. Ethereum Development: ConsenSys played a pivotal role in
    the evolution of Ethereum, one of the most significant blockchain
    platforms in the world. They have been deeply involved in Ethereum’s
    growth, contributing to its development and actively participating in the
    Ethereum community.
  2. Decentralized Applications (dApps): ConsenSys has a strong track record
    of creating decentralized applications that harness the power of
    blockchain technology. Their dApps span various sectors, from finance to
    supply chain management, demonstrating their versatility and innovation.
  3. Blockchain Consultancy: As experts in the field, ConsenSys
    offers consultancy services to organizations looking to implement
    blockchain solutions. They provide invaluable insights, helping clients
    understand the intricacies of blockchain technology and its potential
    applications within their industries.

Key Achievements:

  • MetaMask: One of ConsenSys’ standout creations
    is MetaMask, a widely-used Ethereum wallet and browser extension. MetaMask
    has become the go-to choose for many cryptocurrency enthusiasts, offering
    a secure and user-friendly way to interact with Ethereum-based dApps.
  • Ethereum 2.0: ConsenSys has been actively involved
    in the development of Ethereum 2.0, a significant upgrade to the Ethereum
    network aimed at improving scalability and sustainability. Their
    contributions in this endeavor demonstrate their commitment to advancing
    the blockchain ecosystem.

Impact on the
Blockchain Industry:


ConsenSys hasleft an indelible mark on the blockchain industry. Their commitment toopen-source development and innovation has helped drive the adoption ofblockchain technology across various sectors. Their contributions extend beyondsoftware development; they actively foster collaboration and education withinthe blockchain community.


2. Coinbase

Coinbase,is a prominent and highly respected
cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain company that has earned a strong
reputation in the digital currency space. Founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong
and Fred Ehrsam, Coinbase has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. It
has become a trusted platform for individuals and institutions to buy, sell,
and store a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many

Key Offerings and Services:

Coinbase provides
a range of services and offerings that have contributed to its widespread
adoption and recognition:

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchange: At its core, Coinbase operates as a
    cryptocurrency exchange platform. It allows users to trade a wide array of
    digital assets, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced
  2. Coinbase Pro: Coinbase Pro, a subsidiary of
    Coinbase, is designed for more advanced traders. It offers features like
    advanced trading charts, limit orders, and lower fees for high-volume
  3. Wallet Services: Coinbase offers secure
    cryptocurrency wallets, enabling users to store their digital assets
    safely. Their user-friendly wallet interface makes it a popular choice for
    both beginners and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.
  4. Coinbase Custody: For institutional investors,
    Coinbase Custody provides secure storage solutions for large
    cryptocurrency holdings, adhering to high-security standards.
  5. Coinbase Earn: Coinbase Earn is an educational
    initiative by the company. Users can earn various cryptocurrencies while
    learning about them through interactive courses and quizzes.
  6. Commerce Solutions: Coinbase provides tools for
    businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments, opening up new opportunities
    for merchants and e-commerce platforms.

Security and
Regulatory Compliance:

One of Coinbase’s
standout features is its unwavering commitment to security and regulatory

  • Security Measures: Coinbase employs industry-leading
    security practices, including cold storage of digital assets, multi-signature
    wallets, and two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect user funds.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Coinbase adheres to rigorous
    regulatory standards in the jurisdictions in which it operates. It
    actively collaborates with regulators and law enforcement agencies to
    ensure a safe and compliant environment for cryptocurrency users.

Global Reach
and Expansion:

Coinbase has
expanded its services to multiple countries across the globe, making it
accessible to a wide range of users. This global presence has contributed to
its reputation as a trustworthy and accessible cryptocurrency exchange.


  • Public Listing: In April 2021, Coinbase made history
    by becoming the first major cryptocurrency exchange to go public on the
    Nasdaq stock exchange. This milestone marked a significant step towards
    cryptocurrency’s mainstream acceptance.


3. IBM Blockchain

IBM Blockchain is a division of IBM, one of the world’s
leading technology companies, headquartered in Armonk, New York. IBM has a rich
history of innovation, and its blockchain division is dedicated to leveraging
blockchain technology to drive transformative changes across industries. IBM
Blockchain is recognized for its commitment to enterprise-grade solutions and
its significant role in advancing the adoption of blockchain technology

Key Areas of Expertise:

IBM Blockchain
excels in various domains within the blockchain industry, including:

  1. Enterprise Blockchain Solutions: IBM Blockchain focuses on delivering
    tailored blockchain solutions for businesses and organizations. These
    solutions address a wide array of industry-specific challenges, such as
    supply chain management, finance, healthcare, and more.
  2. Hyperledger Fabric: IBM has been instrumental in the
    development and promotion of Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source blockchain
    framework hosted by the Linux Foundation. Hyperledger Fabric is designed
    for enterprise use cases, emphasizing privacy, scalability, and modular architecture.
  3. Blockchain as a Service (BaaS): IBM offers a blockchain-as-a-service
    platform that simplifies the development, deployment, and management of
    blockchain networks. This platform enables businesses to build and deploy
    their own blockchain applications quickly.
  4. Blockchain Integration: IBM specializes in integrating
    blockchain technology with existing enterprise systems. This seamless
    integration allows organizations to leverage blockchain’s benefits while
    maintaining compatibility with their current infrastructure.

Notable Achievements and Contributions:

IBM Blockchain
has made significant contributions to the blockchain industry, including:

  • Hyperledger Fabric: IBM was one of the founding members
    of the Hyperledger project, a collaborative effort under the Linux
    Foundation aimed at advancing open-source blockchain technologies.
    Hyperledger Fabric, developed in part by IBM, is recognized for its
    versatility and has been adopted by many enterprises for various use
  • TradeLens: IBM collaborated with global
    shipping giant Maersk to create TradeLens, a blockchain-based platform
    that revolutionizes supply chain management in the shipping industry. This
    platform enhances transparency, reduces paperwork, and streamlines global
    trade processes.
  • Blockchain Education: IBM offers extensive educational
    resources, training programs, and workshops to empower individuals and
    organizations with blockchain knowledge. They actively contribute to
    blockchain education and awareness.

IBM Blockchain’s
solutions have a global reach and impact, with implementations spanning diverse
industries and regions. Its contributions to the open-source community,
particularly Hyperledger Fabric, have fostered innovation and collaboration
within the blockchain ecosystem.


4. ChainSafe

, is a dynamic and innovative blockchain
development company that has established itself as a key player in the
blockchain ecosystem. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with a significant
presence in the USA, ChainSafe is dedicated to advancing blockchain technology
through open-source contributions, interoperability solutions, and a commitment
to creating robust, decentralized ecosystems.

Key Areas of Expertise:

ChainSafe Systems
excels in several critical domains within the blockchain industry, including:

  1. Blockchain Ecosystem Contributions: ChainSafe is actively involved in
    contributing to various blockchain ecosystems, including Ethereum 2.0,
    Polkadot, and Substrate. They focus on creating open-source tools,
    protocols, and infrastructure that benefit the broader blockchain
  2. Ethereum 2.0 Development: ChainSafe has been a prominent
    contributor to Ethereum 2.0, a major upgrade to the Ethereum network aimed
    at enhancing scalability and sustainability. Their work on Ethereum 2.0
    client implementations, such as Lodestar, has been instrumental in the
    network’s progress.
  3. Interoperability Solutions: ChainSafe is committed to blockchain
    interoperability, facilitating communication between different blockchain
    networks. Their projects, like ChainBridge, help bridge the gap between
    blockchains, enabling seamless data and asset transfers.
  4. Web3 Development: ChainSafe is at the forefront of
    Web3 development, focusing on creating decentralized applications (dApps),
    developer tools, and infrastructure that empower the Web3 ecosystem. Their
    dedication to user-friendly and developer-friendly solutions contributes
    to blockchain adoption.

Notable Projects and Contributions:

ChainSafe Systems
has made significant contributions to the blockchain space, including:

  • Lodestar: Lodestar is an open-source Ethereum
    2.0 client developed by ChainSafe. It is designed to support Ethereum’s
    transition from a Proof of Work (PoW) to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus
    mechanism, enhancing scalability and sustainability.
  • ChainBridge: ChainBridge is an interoperability
    project that facilitates cross-chain communication. It enables assets and
    data to move seamlessly between different blockchain networks, promoting a
    more interconnected blockchain ecosystem.
  • Substrate Development: ChainSafe is actively involved in
    Substrate, a modular blockchain development framework created by Parity
    Technologies. Their work on Substrate-based projects contributes to
    blockchain customization and innovation.

Systems’ open-source contributions and collaborations have a global impact,
fostering innovation, interoperability, and decentralization within the
blockchain community. Their projects and tools are utilized by developers,
projects, and organizations worldwide.


5. Block.one

Block.one,is a
prominent blockchain technology company headquartered in Virginia, USA. Founded
in 2017 by Brendan Blumer and Daniel Larimer, Block.one is best known as the
driving force behind the development of the EOSIO blockchain platform. The
company has gained recognition for its work in creating scalable and
high-performance blockchain solutions, making a significant impact on the
blockchain industry.

Key Areas of Expertise:

excels in several critical domains within the blockchain industry, including:

  1. EOSIO Blockchain Development:
    Block.one is the primary developer of the EOSIO software, a blockchain
    protocol designed for scalability, speed, and ease of use. EOSIO is
    renowned for its ability to process a high volume of transactions per
    second, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  2. Blockchain-based dApps: Block.one
    actively supports the development of decentralized applications (dApps) on
    the EOSIO platform. They provide resources and tools to encourage
    developers to create innovative applications across various industries.
  3. Venture Capital: Block.one operates
    EOS VC, a venture capital arm that invests in promising blockchain
    startups. This initiative aims to foster innovation within the EOSIO
    ecosystem and the broader blockchain space.

Notable Achievements and Contributions:

Block.one has
made several notable contributions and achieved significant milestones:

  • EOSIO Software: The EOSIO software,
    developed by Block.one, is the foundation of the EOS blockchain, known for
    its high throughput and scalability. EOS has gained attention as a
    platform for hosting decentralized applications and smart contracts.
  • EOS VC Fund: Block.one’s EOS VC fund
    has invested in numerous blockchain startups and projects, providing
    financial support and resources to encourage innovation within the EOSIO
  • Voice: Block.one introduced Voice, a
    social media platform built on the EOS blockchain. Voice aims to create a
    more transparent and user-centric social media experience by leveraging
    blockchain technology for content authenticity and user identity.

contributions have a global reach, with EOSIO-based projects, dApps, and
investments spanning various industries and regions. The EOSIO platform’s
scalability and versatility have attracted developers and organizations from
around the world.Block.one stands as a significant player in the blockchain
industry, known for its work in developing the EOSIO blockchain platform. With
its focus on scalability, high performance, and fostering blockchain innovation
through venture capital investments, Block.one continues to shape the future of
blockchain technology. As blockchain adoption continues to expand and
diversify, Block.one’s contributions remain vital in driving innovation and
creating opportunities within the blockchain ecosystem.


6. Consensus

, based in
Charlottesville, Virginia, specializes in blockchain solutions for government
and public sector applications. Their work in securing sensitive data through
blockchain technology has made them a trusted partner for government agencies.

Key Areas of Expertise:

Networks excels in several critical domains within the blockchain industry,
with a specific focus on government and public sector applications:

  1. Government Blockchain Solutions: The company specializes in designing
    and implementing blockchain solutions tailored to the needs of government
    agencies. These solutions are designed to enhance data integrity,
    streamline processes, and improve transparency in government operations.
  2. Secure Data Management: Consensus Networks prioritizes data
    security and privacy, offering blockchain-based solutions that provide
    robust data protection. Government organizations rely on their expertise
    to safeguard sensitive information.
  3. Supply Chain and Logistics: In addition to government
    applications, Consensus Networks has expertise in applying blockchain to
    supply chain and logistics processes, enhancing traceability,
    accountability, and security throughout the supply chain.

Notable Projects and Contributions:

Networks has made significant contributions and achieved notable projects in
the blockchain space:

  • Secure Data Sharing: The company has developed secure
    data sharing solutions that allow government agencies to share sensitive
    information securely and efficiently, fostering collaboration while
    maintaining data privacy and integrity.
  • Blockchain for Government Efficiency: Consensus Networks has been actively
    involved in promoting the use of blockchain technology to streamline
    government operations, reduce administrative costs, and enhance


7. Altoros

Altoros, with offices in Sunnyvale, California,
and New York City, is a renowned blockchain development and consulting firm.
They excel in creating custom blockchain solutions for various industries,
including healthcare, finance, and supply chain management.

Altoros excels in
several critical domains within the blockchain industry, including:

  1. Custom Blockchain Development: Altoros specializes in building
    custom blockchain solutions tailored to the specific needs of
    organizations. These solutions encompass a broad spectrum of use cases,
    including finance, healthcare, supply chain, and more.
  2. Decentralized Applications (dApps): Altoros is proficient in the
    development of decentralized applications (dApps) that leverage blockchain
    technology. These dApps enhance transparency, security, and efficiency in
    various business processes.
  3. Blockchain Consulting Services: The company offers consulting
    services to guide organizations through the process of adopting blockchain
    technology. Altoros helps businesses understand the potential benefits of
    blockchain, assess use cases, and develop implementation strategies.

Projects and Contributions:

Altoros has
contributed significantly to the blockchain industry and undertaken notable

  • Healthcare Solutions: Altoros has developed
    blockchain-based solutions for the healthcare sector, improving patient
    data management, medical records security, and supply chain traceability.
  • Supply Chain Solutions: The company has implemented
    blockchain solutions in supply chain management, enhancing transparency
    and accountability in the movement of goods and products.


8. Bloq

Bloq, headquartered in Chicago, is a
blockchain technology company that provides enterprise-grade blockchain
solutions and services. They offer a wide range of products, including
blockchain infrastructure and smart contract development tools.

Bloq has gained
recognition for its commitment to making blockchain technology accessible and
practical for businesses across various industries.

Key Areas of Expertise:

Bloq excels in
several critical domains within the blockchain industry, including:

  1. Blockchain Infrastructure: Bloq offers blockchain
    infrastructure solutions that enable businesses to deploy, manage, and
    maintain their blockchain networks. This includes services such as node
    hosting, network monitoring, and blockchain network development.
  2. Smart Contract Development: The company specializes in
    developing and implementing smart contracts on various blockchain
    platforms, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others. Smart contracts
    automate processes and transactions, enhancing efficiency and security.
  3. Enterprise Blockchain Solutions: Bloq provides comprehensive
    blockchain solutions tailored to enterprise needs. These solutions span
    across industries such as supply chain, finance, healthcare, and more,
    addressing specific use cases and business requirements.

Bloq has made
significant contributions to the blockchain industry and undertaken notable

  • Tendermint: Bloq has actively contributed to the
    development of Tendermint, a consensus engine that powers several
    blockchain networks. Tendermint is known for its scalability, security,
    and suitability for public and private blockchains.
  • Multi-Chain: Bloq has introduced multi-Chain, a
    blockchain platform that simplifies the creation and management of
    blockchain networks. It is designed for enterprises looking to harness the
    power of blockchain technology.


9. Blockchain
App Factory

Blockchain App
, located in
Irvine, California, specializes in developing decentralized applications and
providing blockchain consulting services. They have a diverse portfolio of
projects spanning industries like finance, gaming, and healthcare.

With a strong
emphasis on creating decentralized applications (dApps) and providing
blockchain consulting services, Blockchain App Factory has gained recognition
for its innovative solutions that cater to a wide range of industries,
including finance, gaming, healthcare, and more.

Key Areas of Expertise:

Blockchain App
Factory excels in several critical domains within the blockchain industry,

  1. Decentralized Application (dApp)
    company specializes in the development of dApps on various blockchain
    platforms, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more. These dApps
    often address specific industry use cases and leverage the advantages of
    blockchain technology, such as security and transparency.
  2. Custom Blockchain Solutions: Blockchain App Factory offers custom
    blockchain solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses and
    organizations. These solutions encompass a broad spectrum of use cases,
    including supply chain management, identity verification, and
  3. Blockchain Consulting Services: The company provides expert guidance
    and consulting services to organizations seeking to understand, adopt, and
    implement blockchain technology. This includes assessing the feasibility
    of blockchain solutions, strategic planning, and development support.

Blockchain App Factory has made significant
contributions to the blockchain industry and undertaken notable projects

  • dApp Development: The company has developed a wide
    range of decentralized applications, including those for finance, gaming,
    and healthcare. These dApps demonstrate their expertise in harnessing
    blockchain technology for various purposes.
  • Security Token Offerings (STOs): Blockchain App Factory has been
    involved in the creation of security token offerings (STOs) platforms,
    enabling businesses to tokenize assets and raise funds in a compliant and
    secure manner.


10. ChainSafe

ChainSafe Labs, with a presence in New York and Toronto,
is a blockchain development company known for its open-source contributions to
various blockchain ecosystems. They actively participate in the development of
Ethereum 2.0 and other projects that promote blockchain innovation.

ChainSafe Labs excels in several critical domains
within the blockchain industry, including:

  1. Blockchain Protocol Development: The company specializes in
    blockchain protocol development, contributing to the development of
    various blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polkadot, and others.
    They actively work on improving the scalability, security, and
    functionality of these networks.
  2. Interoperability Solutions: ChainSafe Labs is a proponent of
    blockchain interoperability, aiming to create bridges that enable seamless
    communication and asset transfer between different blockchain networks.
    Their projects, such as ChainBridge, are designed to promote
  3. Decentralized Applications (dApps): ChainSafe Labs is known for its
    expertise in developing decentralized applications (dApps) that leverage
    the capabilities of blockchain technology. These dApps cover various
    industries, from finance to supply chain management.

ChainSafe Labs has made significant contributions
to the blockchain industry and undertaken notable projects

  • ChainBridge: ChainBridge is an open-source
    interoperability project developed by ChainSafe Labs. It facilitates
    cross-chain communication, enabling assets and data to move seamlessly
    between different blockchain networks.
  • Polkadot Ecosystem: ChainSafe Labs is actively involved
    in the Polkadot ecosystem, contributing to various projects within the
    Polkadot and Substrate framework. Their contributions to the Polkadot
    parachain ecosystem have been instrumental in its development.

Global Impact:

ChainSafe Labs’
open-source contributions and collaborations have a global impact, fostering
innovation and interoperability within the blockchain community. Their projects
and tools are utilized by developers, projects, and organizations worldwide.

ChainSafe Labs
stands as a prominent force in the blockchain development landscape, known for
its open-source contributions, interoperability solutions, and dApp
development. With a global presence and a commitment to fostering collaboration
and innovation within the blockchain community, the company continues to shape
the future of blockchain technology. As blockchain adoption expands across
industries, ChainSafe Labs’ expertise and solutions remain essential in driving
innovation and creating tangible value for developers, projects, and
organizations worldwide.


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    РќСѓ, дальше что же рассказывать! Отчего же? Это даже хорошо. РќР° самом же деле ей было РЅРµ РґРѕ СЃРЅР°. И РѕРЅР° СЃ этим так сильно повернулась РІ гамаке, что выпала РёР· него РЅР° землю Рё РґРѕ слез больно подвихнула себе РЅРѕРіСѓ. Ей представилось, что РѕРЅР° ведет себя слишком нетактично, РґРѕ СЃРёС… РїРѕСЂ РЅРµ РІРѕР№РґСЏ Рє мужу. Ей РІСЃРµ нипочем. РЈ нас так долго живут РІ общении СЃ немцами Рё так мало знают характеры немецких женщин. Надежда Павловна взглянула мужу РїСЂСЏРјРѕ РІ глаза; -лицо его улыбалось СЃРїРѕРєРѕР№РЅРѕ, РЅРѕ выражение глаз, тоже как будто СЃРїРѕРєРѕР№РЅРѕРµ, казалось неискренним. Р’ прихожей Надежда Павловна очень долго снимала перчатки Рё шляпку. Олово «милая» РѕРЅ РїСЂРѕРіРѕРІРѕСЂРёР» как-то странно, – так, как сказала его перед тем Надежда Павловна Тане. Его, бывало, РїРѕРїСЂРѕСЃСЏС‚ – РѕРЅ скажет: «это возможно». Рђ похвала эта, впрочем, РІ простом изъяснении сводилась Рє тому, что РѕРЅ почитал знаменитого РјРѕСЃРєРѕРІСЃРєРѕРіРѕ врача «объюродевшим», РЅРѕ уверял, что «в РњРѕСЃРєРІРµ такие люди необходимы» Рё что РѕРЅР° потому Рё крепка, что держится В«credo quia absurdumВ».

    Матушка, кажется, больше всего была тем утешена, что РѕРЅРё «для заводу добры», РЅРѕ отец брал примеры Рё РѕС‚ «больших СЂРѕРґРѕРІ, РіРґРµ РјРЅРѕРіРѕ ведомо СЃ немками браков, Рё РІСЃРµ хорошие жены, Рё между поэтами Рё писателями тоже РјРЅРѕРіРёРµ, которые СЃСѓРґСЊР±Сѓ СЃРІРѕСЋ СЃ немецкою женщиною связали, получили весь нужный для правильной деятельности РїРѕРєРѕР№ души Рё РЅР° избрание СЃРІРѕРµ РЅРµ жаловались». Матушка сокрушалась. РћРЅР° находила, что СЏ уже РґРІР° раза Р±РѕРі весь что СЃ СЃРѕР±РѕСЋ наделал, Р° теперь еще немка. Дядюшка РІ РњРѕСЃРєРІРµ, отцов брат, старый холостяк, весь век РІСЃРµ славянской археологией занимался Рё забыл жениться. Станут расспрашивать, Р° СЏ РЅРµ хотел, чтобы меня расспрашивали Рё как-РЅРёР±СѓРґСЊ называли – или шутливо, или РѕР±РёРґРЅРѕ-снисходительно. РЇ ожил Рё даже начал мечтать, хотя очень хорошо знал, что РјРЅРµ мечтать РЅРµ Рѕ чем, что для меня РІСЃРµ кончено, потому что СЏ РїРѕРіСѓР±РёР» СЃРІРѕСЋ жизнь Рё РјРЅРµ остается только заботиться Рѕ том, чтобы избегать дрянных скандалов Рё как-РЅРёР±СѓРґСЊ легче влачить СЃРІРѕРµ существование. Р’СЃРµ ведь это надо как-РЅРёР±СѓРґСЊ выполнить, Р° здесь такие приемы РЅРµ приняты. РћРЅР° имела полную возможность остаться Рё РІ Петербурге, РЅРѕ свет ей прискучил, Рё РѕРЅР° предпочла возвратиться РїРѕРґ СЃРІРѕР№ отчий РєСЂРѕРІ, РіРґРµ Сѓ РЅРёС… еще была жива бабушка. «Здесь, РІ Петербурге, скверный РІРѕР·РґСѓС…, – сказал РѕРЅ.

    РќРѕ теперь РѕРЅ РјРЅРµ открыл глаза. РќРѕ тем более СЏ спешил РЅР° эту Колывань, Рє СЃРІРѕРёРј колыванским «друзьям», Рё действительно встретил друзей прелестных. РќРѕ СЏ над этим напрасно ломал голову: РјРЅРµ РІРѕРІСЃРµ Рё РЅРµ пришлось говорить РѕР± этом баронессе; РЅРѕ Сѓ меня также Рё РЅРµ оставалось места РЅРё для подозрения, что РѕРЅР° этого РЅРµ знает, РЅРё для недоумения, как РѕРЅР° Рє этому относится. Черт знает, что Р·Р° положение! РљСѓР·РёРЅР° РђРІСЂРѕСЂР°, конечно, Р·Р° этим предстала, Рё, посмотрев РЅР° нее, можно было сказать, что РѕРЅР° знает, что надо сделать, Рё что надо, то Рё будет сделано. Друг РјРѕР№, РђРІСЂРѕСЂР°, Рє несчастью – это РЅРµ так. Рђ, РґСЂСѓРі РјРѕР№, – это благословенная, это великая вещь! Рђ, этого СЏ РЅРµ знаю. Зачем же это? – РіРѕРІРѕСЂСЋ. Зачем РѕРЅРё чересчур РІСЃРµ это раздувают Рё Рѕ чем хлопочут? Еще числа Лины далеко, Р° СЏ попрошу барона – РѕРЅ тебе даст командировку. Есть сестра, РЅРѕ РѕРЅР° далеко, замужем Р·Р° доктором-немцем, РЅР° РђРјСѓСЂРµ. Домик, РіРґРµ жила семья баронессы, был небольшой, РЅРѕ прехорошенький, СЃ флигельком РІ три комнаты, РіРґРµ жила бабушка, которую Рё СЏ застал еще РІ живых, Рё РїСЂРё РґРѕРјРµ прелестнейший садик.

    Если вы лелеяли эту статью, и вы просто хотели бы получить больше информации о муж на час пожалуйста, посетите нашу собственную страницу.